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Use this area to find helpful articles, activities & information during our distance learning period. Use the drop down arrows to find more information in each category. If you need anything at all please don't hesitate to reach out!
I'm still here to support you! I can be reached Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:20 AM - 3:20 PM. You can reach me in a few ways:
- Via telephone at (609) 291-7192 x5221 
- Via online chat using Google Hangouts
Mrs. Devito's School Closure Wellness Challenge
Challenge yourself to do as many of the activities listed below as you can. Each time you complete an activity color in that box. Lets see how many you can complete!
Email Mrs. Devito at kdevito@bordentown.k12.nj.us & tell her about what you tried!
From where you are, name 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell & 1 thing you can taste. Read something new either on your own or with a caring adult. What feelings did you notice as you read? Draw & color a picture of an animal you love. It can be a pet, stuffed animal, one you would like to see some day or an imaginary one! Name 5 things you love about yourself. Have a caring adult do the same.  Phone a friend & share something you have done since school has closed that was fun for you. Draw a picture of your future self. What is your career?
Name 3 things you love doing & 1 thing you'd like to try. 
SCREEN FREE CHALLENGE! Spend 2 hours in a row during the day time without looking at a TV, tablet, computer, phone or video game screen.
Write a note or letter to someone you are thinking about but can't visit right now.  Practice 5 finger breathing. Breathe in through your nose while you are tracing up your finger, blow out through your mouth while you are tracing down your finger. Ask 1 caring adult about a time they felt scared, and what they did to make it through that uncomfortable time until they felt better. Write about your hero.
Cook a healthy meal with a caring adult.  Be a helper! Ask a caring adult what you can do to help them out today. Trace your shoe sideways on a piece of paper & then draw/ color an original shoe design of your choice. Who would wear it? What would they do when they wore it? SCREEN FREE CHALLENGE! Spend 3 hours in a row during the day time without looking at a TV, tablet, computer, phone or video game screen. Use one of the links on Mrs. Devito's web page to do some yoga, stretching or mindfulness. Make a list of 30 things you are grateful for.
Watch a funny show, video, or movie with a caring adult & enjoy laughing & being silly. Read a book, article, or post & share what you read with a caring adult. Enjoy outside time. Spend at least 1 hour outside walking or playing with a family member. Draw a picture of what you would imagine would make a perfect day for you. Spend one day without playing any video games.  Play emotion charades. Can your family guess the feeling?
Dance party! Dance along to one of your favorite videos or songs! Call or email a family member or other adult you haven't been able to visit in a while. You can even call or email Mrs. Devito. How many jumping jacks can you do in 1 minute? Try to break your record. Spend 10 minutes silently listening to sounds outside & write down or tell someone what you heard. Play a board game or a card game with a family member.  Teach a sibling or adult one of the games or morning meeting activities you do at school. 
Social Emotional Activities Links:
LEGO challenges
Yoga, Mindfulness & Relaxation Links: 

Apps for mindfulness & relaxation
Other Helpful Learning Resources:
https://www.khanacademy.org/- Free tools for parents covering a variety of grades and subjects. Great if you're looking for extra activities to supplement your teacher's assignments.
Social emotional learning + TV

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