Why Elementary Counseling?


Elementary school years set the tone for developing the knowledge, attitudes & skills necessary for children to become healthy, competent & confident learners. School counselors work as a team with staff, parents & the community to create a caring climate & atmosphere. By providing education, prevention, early identification & intervention, counselors help all children achieve academic success. (ASCA)  


What Might You Find Ms. A Doing?


 1. Classroom Lessons- I teach monthly lessons in each class focusing on academic achievement, career awareness, & personal/ social growth. Click the classroom lesson link to the right for more information! 


 2. Small Group Counseling- Lunch time counseling groups are available to all students at MIS. These are general support groups. Topics that may be discussed include making friends, social skills, study skills, problem solving, building self-esteem, & more!


3. Individual Counseling- Some students may require individual counseling appointments to better address their needs. Please contact me if you feel your child would benefit from one on one counseling sessions. I can also recommend outside counselors to families!


4. Conflict Resolution- I often meet with students to assist them in navigating through conflicts. 


5. Anti-Bullying Specialist- I serve as the anti-bullying specialist for our school. As the ABS, I make sure our school stays bully free & our students are educated about bullying & its impact. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns regarding our HIB policy or if your child has expressed concerns regarding bullying.


6. Community Resources- I coordinate with school staff & community resources to assist students & their families. Please use the parent resource link to the right for more information.


7. Crisis Intervention & Prevention- I serve on the emergency response team & respond if a crisis occurs on school grounds.


8. Intervention & Referral Services- I am the leader of the I&RS Team. If a student is having difficulty performing to their best ability their teacher may come to the I&RS Team for assistance. The team brainstorms interventions that can address the student & teacher's concerns & puts a plan in place to help.  


9. 504 Plan Coordinator- I work with parents & teachers to support students who have medical diagnoses & are in need of a 504 Accommodation Plan in school. If your student has been diagnosed with a medical condition that is impacting their school work please get in touch with me.