Classroom Lessons

Each class at MIS visits my counseling classroom once per month for lessons focusing on academic achievement, career awareness, & personal/ social growth. Classroom lessons allow me to get to know & build rapport with all students in the entire building! Please see the video below regarding social emotional learning & check back here often for updates on what we're learning in our lessons. 
September Counseling Lessons
My first lesson with all grade levels will be spent making sure that students know who I am and understand my role in the school. The most important message I want kids to know is that a school counselor is someone who is here to listen to them, help them and make sure they're feeling safe and comfortable so that they can be successful in school.
Click the link below and watch this video:
October Counseling Lessons
The focus of our lessons in October is ADVERSITY. During these lessons students will focus on the following questions: What is a challenge? What is resilience? What are your strengths? Students will share some of their challenges, their personal heroes, and their personal strengths. We will spend the year building those strengths so that they can become more resilient and face their challenges head on! 
November Counseling Lessons
The focus of lessons in November is EMOTIONS. During these lessons, students will explore how both easy and challenging situations can cause a variety of emotions to occur, including mixed emotions. They will learn that one way to be resilient through challenging situations is to pay attention to the sensations in their bodies as a cue for identifying emotions they are feeling.
December Counseling Lessons  
The focus of lessons in December is COPING SKILLS. During these lessons students will be given a challenge and will discuss ways that we can cope with challenging situations. We will also discuss healthy versus unhealthy ways of coping with stress and practice a simple, fun, and effective breathing technique called box breathing. 
January Counseling Lessons
During the month of January 3rd graders will continue their Routes to Resilience lessons by focusing on the word EMPATHY and practice steps to empathy as a way to help others be resilient. 4th graders will focus on coping skills. 5th graders will begin their study of cyberbullying and STAND steps to take if it ever happens to them.
February Counseling Lessons
During the month of February 3rd graders will be working on the difference between a problem that is a conflict, a problem that is bullying, and a mean moment. A conflict is a small problem that students can try to solve on their own where as bullying is a serious problem that needs the help of a trusted adult. 4th and 5th graders will discuss gossip and rumors and the impact they can have. 
March Counseling Lessons
During the month of March 3rd graders are learning about the roles we play when a bullying situation happens. They are also role playing how to be UPSTANDERS! 4th graders are focusing on empathy and perspective taking. 5th graders are participating in a bullying escape room to review all that we've been learning all year! 
April Counseling Lessons
During the month of April all grade levels discuss the upcoming NJSLA testing. 5th graders will participate in a test taking escape room where they must solve 4 different puzzles to discover the 4 ingredients to becoming a successful test taker! 4th graders discuss the upcoming test and participate in an end of year jeopardy game reviewing all we learned together. 3rd graders will be taking the state test for the first time so we discuss the test, answer any questions they have and we play test taking bingo to review test taking strategies and what they can do if they feel nervous/ worried before, during, and after the test. 
May/ June
There are no lessons during the months of May and June due to state testing and end of year meetings.