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Intervention & Referral Services Team (I&RS)

The Intervention & Referral Services (I&RS) Team at MacFarland Intermediate School is a problem-solving group established to assist teachers with strategies to help students who are experiencing learning and/or behavior problems within the school environment. The team is composed of 11 staff members who represent different areas of expertise and educational experiences.  


When a student is reviewed at an I&RS meeting, the student’s teacher briefly describes the reason they are asking for help from the I&RS team. Strategies that have been tried to alleviate the problem are identified. Members then brainstorm alternative intervention techniques and new or additional approaches are agreed upon. A time line and review date is established for implementing the recommendations and observing their effectiveness 


Intervention & Referral Services Team members for the 2018-2019 School Year are:


Mrs. DeVito, School Counselor & Team Leader

Mr. Riether, Principal

Mrs. Glover, School Nurse

Mrs. Mazza, 3rd Grade Representative

Mrs. Corcoran, 4th Grade Representative

Mrs. Scott, 5th Grade Representative

Mrs. Stanton, Special Education Representative

Mr. Priano, School Psychologist

Dr. CostiganLearning Consultant

Mrs. Larned, Speech Therapist

Mrs. Mitchell, Basic Skills Representative