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February Family Focus

                 February Month Title 100th Day
In Reader's Workshopwe will begin a new unit, "Character Studies". I will be reading aloud the story "Because of Winn-Dixie" which will guide the skill development during our mini-lessons. Students will carry these skills into their independent reading activities using "stop and jot" with their post-its as well as guided reflections and note taking. Students will explore character development, interactions between characters, and the difference between primary and secondary characters.
Winn Dixie
In Writer's Workshop, we will finish our last Opinion Essay and then begin Literary Essays. Currently, students are working on opinion essays based on a topic they selected from five possible options. Our Literary Essay Unit will develop students' skills in analyzing and responding to literature.
In Mathematics, we will explore Unit 4 which focuses on Measurement and Geometry. Our mathematicians will measure with a ruler, gather and organize data into a line plot, explore characteristics of polygons, area-perimeter-composite units, develop number sentences for area of rectangles, and examine rectilinear figures. Please look for the Multiplication Ice Cream Sundae in the Red Take Home Folder soon. I inserted the image of this sundae below. We will continue to practice Multiplication Facts in school and I ask that you please make time to do so at home. Even when facts are mastered, continued review helps your child maintain fluency.
Ice Cream Sundae
In Science, we will begin exploring a unit on Motion and Matter. Students will develop scientific vocabulary, participate in laboratory investigations in the classroom, and keep records and reflections in their scientific notebooks.