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October Family Focus

October continues first trimester learning goals, brings special celebrations, and school-year milestones. The month opens with "The Week of Respect". "The Week of Respect" is celebrated the first week of October by all schools in New Jersey. The school-wide celebration at MacFarland Intermediate School focuses on age-appropriate activities to teach students to respect themselves, each other, our school, and community. October is also the fall student portraits and fall book fair!
Reader's Workshop will continue as we begin to make connections with stories, discuss character traits, write summaries, and find evidence in text to support our ideas.
We will continue to develop our personal narratives through the use of Writer's Workshop as students work towards their first third-grade published work. The writers have been working on seeing the connection between authors and writers, identifying "moves" authors use when writing narrative stories, then using these new learning pieces to support and enhance their personal pieces. We look forward to celebrating our completed pieces this month!
The students have been exploring analog clocks by learning to tell time to the minute, using number grid strategies to develop number sense and support addition and subtraction, and will be introduced to multiplication and division in this Math unit. Students should be reviewing multiplication facts.
Social Studies will continue to review map skills, our country, and the many places we can visit.
Progress Reports will be sent home at the end of this month.