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Homework in 3rd Grade

Homework in Third Grade:
Allow children the opportunity to attempt their homework independently. If your child asks for assistance, help them review the directions for the assignment, discuss them, and ensure they understand what is being asked of them. It can be beneficial to work through a few examples together and model/guide them through the part s/he may need support with to be successful. This can also refresh your child on what was completed in school that day. After modeling, let your child return to independent work. Be sure to praise and acknowledge the effort s/he is putting in to completing the homework and focus on the correct responses more so than those you support in correcting. Let homework be a mutual learning experience. Your child can show you the way s/he learned in school and may ask you to practice with them. Make homework a positive experience for your family and not a "chore". The key is to be your child's *support* and *cheerleader* for homework and avoid letting yourself do the "heavy lifting".
Weekly Reading Comprehension Constructed Response Rubric:
Please sign the Agenda Planner each night.
Return the signed Agenda Planner and all homework materials to school the next day.