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The science curriculum covers various aspects of life science, physical science, and earth & space science. We use the FOSS program as a guide for our curriculum. The lessons are hands on and interactive. Students will work with others in pairs or small groups. Students will create a Science Notebook throughout the year. All work will be done in this notebook. Science and Social Studies rotate every 6 weeks in 4th grade.

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Earth and Space Science topics in 4th grade include...Geology


Geology is the study of our planet’s earth materials and natural resources. The Soils, Rocks, and Landforms unit provides students with firsthand experiences with soils and rocks and modeling experiences using tools such as topographic maps and stream tables to engage with the anchor phenomenon of the surface of Earth’s landscape—the shape and the composition of landforms. 



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Life Science Topics in 4th grade include...Environments

The study of the structures and behaviors of organisms and the relationships between one organism and its environment builds knowledge of all organisms. With this knowledge comes an awareness of limits. Such knowledge is important because humans can change environments. The Environments Unit has four investigations that focus on the anchor phenomenon that animals and plants interact with their environment and with each other.



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Physical Science topics in 4th grade include... Energy

The five investigations focus on the concepts that energy is present whenever there is motion, electric current, sound, light, or heat, and that energy can transfer from one place to other.