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Welcome to Mrs. Corcoran's 4th grade class! 

MIS uses a central binder system Each student is required to maintain  his/her binder.  The binder...

  • helps students manage assignments and homework 
  • designates a place for notes going to school, completed homework, as well as homework to be completed and notes going home 
  • helps students build important organizational skills and habits 
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Grade 4 Supplies 

  • White ring heavy duty 1.5” binder 
  • 2-pocket folders Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple 
  • 5-3 ring dividers with pockets 
  • 3-ring pencil case 
  • 2 Highlighters 
  • Pencils, Cap Erasers, Sharpener 
  • Red Pen 
  • Filler paper  
  • Glue stick, scissors 
  • Post it notes 
  • 5 marble cover composition books 
  • 24 count crayons 
  • 1 box 200 count tissues 
Congratulations to Kenna and Jack who will represent our class
in the upcoming Geography Bee! Way to go! 
First place- Kenna
Second place- Jack
Third place- Giselle 



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Mark these important dates on your calendar:


December 1st- Pretzel Sale! Just $1

December 12th- Winter Concert (chorus, band and orchestra)

December 13th- School Store

December 22- Half Day

December 23-January 1 Winter Recess

Happy Holidays! 



If you have any questions for me, please contact me by email at or leave a message on my voicemail (609) 291-7192 X5201. Messages left or emails sent after 12 may not be answered until the next school day due to our schedule. If there is an emergency or a change in how your child is getting home today, please call the main office and speak to Mrs. Romano (609) 291-7192 X5213.  
Thank you! 
Mrs. Corcoran