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What's New in Basic Skills

November into December: MIS Grades 3-5

It was nice to meet with you during our November conferences!  BSI report cards will be included with classroom report cards in December.

3rd Grade: WIlson Reading System students have been working on accuracy and automaticity with words containing blends on both sides of a closed syllable.  We also worked with exceptions to this syllable type.  Two BSI sessions equals one Wilson Reading System lesson (one day reading, one day spelling.)  During push in sessions, students’ work in leveled reading and writing workshop is supported with 1:1 conferencing and small group fluency reading.

3rd grade math groups reinforced unit two content.  They use i-Ready to work on their personalized learning paths. They also enjoy playing the “Splat!” multiplication card game.

4th Grade: Our 4th grade Wilson students are combining two syllable types to read and spell multisyllabic words. Each lesson involves work with individual wordlists, sentences, and passages. 

4th grade math students have focused on supporting classroom topics leading up to their Unit 2 assessments.  As December begins, they are diving into fraction study and continuing their personalized work in i-Ready.

5th Grade: Our LA sessions have focused on all six syllable types, utilizing prefixes, bases, Latin roots, and suffixes.  This will help us to break apart to read as well as spell words utilizing various syllable types.  There is also fluency work built into the program.  

Our math sessions have focused on long multiplication and division toward the end of unit 2.  Our early work in unit 3 has us investigating fractions. They are using their i-Ready accounts to move through personalized learning paths.