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The Inside Scoop!


We are busy bees in the art room this month, getting as much art making in before our art show next month! 3rd graders are working on symmetrical aliens for our Out of this World themed show! 4th grade is using model magic to make mystical dragon eye relief sculptures! 5th grade is wrapping up their kiln fire clay monsters by glazing them to add some shiny color! 


5th graders will be starting the highly anticipated clay monster project! Students will learn all about working with clay and create their very own creature! 4th grade has begun designing Aliens and UFO's that will be the features art project at our art show. Students will explore all different neon art materials to add some vibrant color to their work!


5th graders have been learning about one point perspective and creating shapes in splatter space for our upcoming art show! 3rd and 4th graders are wrapping up their projects they began in January. This month we also explored many amazing Black artists and illustrators in class.  


New year, new fabulous art in the making! 4th graders are currently exploring the aurora borealis and creating their own northern lights landscapes with chalk. 3rd graders are learning about geometric and organic shapes. After examining the artwork of Reggie Laurent, students began creating colorful collages. 



4th and 5th graders learned that mindfulness can be practiced during the art making process. Students discovered the art of Zentangle and are creating high and low contrast patterns to fill their artwork. 3rd grade will be creating a non-objective monochromatic artwork this month. Students will create a composition using geometric shapes and lines and then mix tints and shades to fill their sections. 



November is full of holidays and half days! Students will be wrapping up some projects this month and spending time exploring different materials through various activities in the art room.



Students are hard at work on some beautiful projects! 5th grade is being inspired by contemporary artist Robin Mead and creating watercolor seascapes & landscapes! 4th grade is flying through their owl continuous line projects. 3rd is hanging on to the warmth of summer and creating a Heather Galler inspired still life. 




This month, students will be discovering the MIS art room! Your child will spend the first few classes working with their new table-mates to find locations in the art room and uncover our classroom rules through a series of puzzles. Once we become familiar with locations, routines and rules, students will create their own art sketchbook. They will use this throughout the year to sketch ideas for upcoming projects, notes on artists, and for drawing if they finish projects early.  

Questions to ask your child:

  • What are the most important locations in the art room?
  • What table do you sit at?
  • What is your classroom job?
  • How did you choose to decorate your art sketchbook?