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Language Arts


‘The Arc of Story: Writing Realistic Fiction’: using notebooks to plan possible stories, developing believable characters, giving characters struggles and motivations, plotting with a story arc, planning and writing scenes, writing leads, developing the heart of the story, making revisions, writing powerful endings.


 Boxes and Bullets: Personal and Persuasive Essays:  generating ideas, using elaboration, framing essays, composing mini-stories, organizing for drafting, revising evidence, paragraphing, using transitions, writing introductions and conclusions.


The Literary Essay: Writing about Fiction:  studying characters, revising initial theories, elaborating on written ideas, testing a thesis, using precise words, citing textual evidence, writing beginnings and endings.


Bringing History to Life: Informational Writing:  organizing notes, planning the structure of writing, researching, elaboration, transitions, note-taking, including text features, growing ideas.


Other Units: Informational Writing, Journalism, and Poetry