Classroom News

Here are some of the units and skills/concepts we will study throughout the school year in each content area:
Writing:  personal narratives, information writing, persuasive writing, fairy tales, poetry, research writing
Reading: summarizing, making connections, visualizing, characterization, inferring, theme, etc.
Math: +/- math facts, word problems, fractions, time/elapsed time, measurement, x/÷ facts, geometry, place value in whole numbers and decimals

1. Structures of Life

2. Water and Climate
3. Motion and Matter
Social Studies:
1. Geography
2. Bordentown History 
3. Citizenship and Government

As we finish up our lessons on character traits, it will carry us into studying biographies. Since it is Women’s History Month, we will also spend a great deal of time reading about famous women and their accomplishments. Students will continue to learn together in book clubs and write responses to their reading. Our writing lessons focus on literary essays. This is a great way to bridge our learning between reading and writing. The children are getting really good at finding evidence to support their claims!


In math, we are exploring fractions as well as multiplication strategies. Please continue to spend time studying multiplication facts in order to make them automatic. In addition, we dedicate the start of every lesson to reading, diagramming, and solving number stories. 


It’s time for science! The children are enjoying our Structures of Life unit. They will continue to take notes on our seeds as they sprout and grow into mature plants. This hands-on unit is a wonderful opportunity for the students to learn from group discussions, practice taking notes, and expanding their science vocabulary.


Throughout the month of March, I encourage the students to choose books to read at home that they can share with others. There will be a project in which they are asked to summarize a book and share it with the class. They should be reading and thinking about their books each night.

their hometown. Get ready to hear all about some famous names from the early days of Bordentown.