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     Students continue to focus on various strategies and skills as they read independently or listen to a read aloud during our Reader's Workshop.  We choose books in class to read independently and as a class we are reading BIOGRAPHIES of famous people.  Students are learning new vocabulary words, improving comprehension and working on fluency.  During the teacher read aloud, students are enjoying The Tale of Despereaux.  Also, at this time, the teacher takes the opportunity to utilize skills that are taught.  Students predict, infer, make connections, list facts and ask questions.


     Our writing will now focus on our Literary Essays.  During Writer's Workshop students will read many fictional books and make claims about the characters. Students will be writing these claims and finding evidence to support their claims.  Third graders are working cooperatively and are having deep discussions on these books.  It is exciting to see and hear!


     Don't forget to practice all multiplication facts each night! We have practiced and mastered up to the 8X table.  I am proud of my students!  Keep up the terrific work!  Keep practicing multiplication facts mixed up each night.  Parents can play games, use dice or flash cards for a quick then minute review daily.  We continue to play many Everyday Math games to strengthen students' addition/subtraction and now multiplication/division facts.


 Encourage your children to read; read with them and to them and show them that you read by having family quiet reading time.  Reading improves fluency, vocabulary, spelling and students become better writers.


Happy Spring!

Mrs. Bacovin