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Basic Skills Math

The Basic Skills Instruction (BSI) Program responds to a need to strengthen reading, writing, and mathematical skills of students who are struggling to meet grade level expectations. In this program, students receive additional support to learn skills and strategies within the regular education program to help them achieve success. This supplemental program recognizes individual learning needs and strives to build students’ abilities and confidence. 
Students participating in the BSI program receive differentiated instruction utilizing numerous strategies incorporating a variety of teaching methods, materials, and ideas that focus on the many pathways to learning. This is accomplished within the classroom setting in numerous ways. This may include strategy groups, alternating teaching of lessons between classroom and basic skills teacher, utilizing technology or by sharing the teaching of the same lesson in whole group or small groups.
The criteria for inclusion into the BSI Program includes teacher recommendation, parental concerns, standardized test scores (PARCC), formal and informal assessments. We use multiple measures to place students into the program. The Basic Skills program is flexible so once students have met the required skills for a unit they may be released from the program and new students admitted. Our number one goal is for students to receive the support they need to be successful at MacFarland Intermediate School.