MacFarland Intermediate School

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Ms. Christina Urso » 4 GRADE HAPPENINGS


Please remember to read at least 20 minutes every night!
Students should be reading their fluency passages and recording their time and errors every night as homework. We are trying to do our personal bests by the end of every week! This helps the students to gain confidence in reading, as well as become fluent in their reading and comprehension. 
Our 4th graders are working hard with the the SRA Decoding program. It is a direct instruction reading program that the students enjoy and respond positively. Students are also doing Book Clubs and work in groups on the daily skill in their guided reading book club. They read with support and direction of the teacher or aide and focus on the lesson of the day during their reading. They complete tasks and activities in their personal folders that correspond to the lesson and reading. 
This month our Book Clubs will be reading nonfiction stories and will practice writing about their reading using the RACE method. 
In writing we are beginning to work on opinion pieces. Students will be able to create an opinion and write about it, giving reason to support their opinion. Students will use the OREO method to help them write their best opinion pieces. 
Students are learning about multiples and factors in math. They are using arrays and hands on strategies to help them solve problems working with factors and multiples. The students are learning many multi-sensory approaches to solving a variety of math problems, including touch math! 
In science students are highly engaged and enthusiastic in learning about environments. They are in a fast paced, hands-on learning atmosphere and gaining knowledge through experiments and real life experience with different isopods and meal-worms.