MacFarland Intermediate School

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Welcome to our 4th grade class! We are going to have a fantastic year together. You will be an important member of our class team...
Please turn in your Summer Reading assignment when school begins.
Below is the list of our 4th grade supplies MIS requires. All of the following supplies were included in the SchoolKidz kit that was available for purchase at the end of the last school year:

1 White ring heavy duty 1.5” binder
5-Two-pocket folders Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple
5-Three-ring (hole punched) dividers WITH POCKETS
1-Three-ring soft pencil case
2 Highlighters
Pencils (at least 2 packages), Cap Erasers, Pencil Sharpener
Red Pen
Filler paper
Glue stick, scissors
Post it notes
2 marble cover composition books
24 count crayons
1 box 200 count tissues