MacFarland Intermediate School

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Mrs. McCall's 4th Grade Class

Welcome to my class website! Here you will find homework, news and information about our classroom, as well as resources for students. 
What are we learning about in March?


Reading Workshop- We are reading like fans! Fans of three distinguished authors- Jerry Spinelli, Andrew Clements, and Beverly Cleary. We are participating in book clubs that will study books from these authors. We are studying author's craft techniques, figurative language, and character analysis. 


Writing Workshop- Students are learning about how to write historical informational books. They are studying topics related to the American Colonies. Students will create books that contain several chapters, text features, and other components of historical information books. 


Math- In chapter 6, students are learning all about long division, angles, and measurement conversions for ounces/pounds/tons. 


Social Studies- In chapter 7, students are learning about the 13 colonies. Students are studying how each colonial region (New England, Middle, and Southern) differ in climate, economy, and culture. 


Science- We are learning all about Energy! Students are learning about kinetic and potential energy. They are also learning about renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy. 

Spanish- We are beginning to learn Spanish! We will be using the software Duolingo- Students register here-