MacFarland Intermediate School

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Mrs. McCall's 4th Grade Class

Welcome to my class website! Here you will find homework, news and information about our classroom, as well as resources for students. 
What are we learning about in May?


Reading Workshop- We are studying biographies! Each student will focus on reading a famous person's biography. The unit will be celebrated with a Wax Museum where students will dress up like the person they are studying and share information in a speech. 


Writing Workshop- Students are writing narrative nonfiction stories about animals. This unit goes with our science unit on Biomes/Ecology. Students will not only tell information about an animal, but they will do it in a narrative way to tell a story. 


Math- In chapter 7, students are learning all about multiplying fractions, division multistep problems, and observing patterns. 


Social Studies- In chapter 8, students are learning about the slavery in colonial America. They will learn how the enslaved Africans faced dilemmas in three different stages: Capture in Africa, The Middle Passage, and Life on a colonial plantation.  


Science- Our unit on biomes and ecology focuses on the delicate balance of food chains in different ecosystems around the world. 

Spanish- We are beginning to learn Spanish! We will be using the software Duolingo- Students register here-